Jaded Optimism

Because who says you can't be cynical and positive?


It’s official. I have quit all of my social media networks. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, MyYearbook… gone. I quit Twitter and MyYearbook some time ago, Tumblr more recently, Facebook about a few minutes ago. I’d like to believe I left mainly because I wanted to do something better with my life, but it’s only part of the reason. My real motive for leaving is… I just fucking hate people.

Studies have shown that people who frequent Facebook are more likely to be depressed. What social media sites don’t tell you when they drag you into signing up for them is that a majority of people only post the good shit about their lives for everyone to see. “Ooh, I just took this trip to Puerto Rico.” “Oh, look at this awesome meal I made.” “Oh my god, I got a raise and bought this fancy new car.” It’s only those of us who are dramatic or maybe a little more real or maybe a little more fucked up in the head or are maybe just really sick of seeing everyone post happy stuff that end up posting the bad stuff about wanting to die, or being sad, or feeling like we’re ready to kill someone.

I’m that terrible person who sits there, stalking people’s profiles, wishing I could just write “Shut the fuck up!” on everyone’s status and on their pictures and most of all on those stupid links that have dumb memes. And I hate being that person. I wish I could be that person who sees stuff and goes, “Well, good for you. That’s nice. I’m glad you can enjoy life that way.” Unfortunately, though, I’m the butthurt friend crying to myself because everyone I thought I was friends with went out together once again and neglected to invite me.

This has been going on for a while, actually. It probably started with the texting when I realized that the texts I were sending were being completely ignored, but the person was clearly not busy. And I’m not that person that sends a text every three minutes when I’m being ignored, but will try back in a couple of days and then maybe in a week or two and then a month and then stops texting at all because *hint hint* I am now aware I am being ignored.

I’ve always been an honest person because I make a terrible liar for the most part and because I don’t see the point of lying at all, so it really does bother me when people ignore me and don’t take the time to at least tell me they don’t want to be my friend or hang out or anything like that. At least when I don’t like a person, I make it very, very clear. I don’t bullshit. And I think that is my main problem with people. They bullshit and they bullshit a lot and that’s just not up my alley.

Lately, I just can’t handle it, even more so than usual. And it’s just making me angry and sad and bothered and I had to sit myself down today and make the decision to either delete the people on my Facebook that I didn’t need (which would be basically everyone so I would have a Facebook account with no friends) or just deactivate my account. So I just deactivated it. It’s easier. It’s faster. And it will be better for my mental health. No more comparing my life to other people’s lives. No more obsessive stalking of people’s profiles. No more bullshit. I’ll stick to my Playstation 3 video games, my Harry Potter books, my blog, and whatever else I can fit into my schedule. I don’t need the mental stress of Facebook anymore.

Fuck it all.

Edit: I caved. Goddammit.


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